• Swimmer's Itch Prevention on Minnesota Lakes
    30SPF Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
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  • Swimmer's Itch Prevention in Minnesota
    Safe for Children
  • Prevent Swimmer's Itch from Minnesota Lakes
    Prevents Swimmer's Itch

Best Swimmer's Itch Prevention!

Swimmer’s Itch Guard is a very water resistant cream that contains a 30 SPF zinc oxide sunscreen and natural plant oils that prevent the lake parasite from penetrating the skin. Applied properly, and before entering the water, Swimmer's Itch Guard is 100% effective in preventing swimmer's itch (cercarial dermatitis), also known as duck itch or lake itch.

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quotes-green.png My 4 year old son and I battled Swimmer's Itch last year on our vacation at Crystal Lake in Michigan. Both of us could not sleep at night due to the itching. We emptied multiple tubes of cortisone cream. This year we used SWIMMER'S ITCH GUARD. We had NO swimmer's itch! NONE! We slept at night! We had FUN on Vacation! THANK YOU for giving us back the lake!     Jim, Crystal Lake, Michigan