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    Safe for Children
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    Prevents Swimmer's Itch
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    Long Lasting Protection
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    Clear, Non-Staining Gel

Best Swimmer's Itch Prevention!

Swimmer’s Itch Guard is a very water resistant, goes on clear, non-staining gel that contains natural plant oils that prevent the parasite from penetrating the skin. Applied properly, and before entering the water, Swimmer's Itch Guard is 100% effective in preventing swimmer's itch (cercarial dermatitis), also known as duck itch or lake itch.

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I just wanted to let you know that your product worked great on North Long Lake in Baxter, MN last week. None of us had any swimmer's itch from the two days we spent in the lake. The product has some serious staying power and certainly clears the sinuses, but it's worth it to avoid the dreadful itch. Thank you, also, for letting me know the retailers who carry Swimmer's Itch Guard up there. I will keep that handy for the future, although I am glad to see that the expiration of the jar I bought is many years away!

— Julie , Baxter, MN